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Sub-Sahara African Farmers Organization (SSAFO) is an innovative charity that reduces poverty by unleashing Sub-Sahara African farmers’ abilities to grow their incomes in an environmentally sustainable way... [read more]

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This is an on the job approach youths training programme which equips participants with macro-Broiler Chicken Production (50,000 Broilers) practical lesson with a Certificate of Participation after seven weeks.


Climate smart agriculture (off-grid) solar farm water project focuses on Water for Irrigation and Agricultural Production using Solar energy.


These are Full season crops that take up to 90 days or Three Months for them to mature for harvest most of these crops are staple-foods for various communities world-wide.


Varieties of vegetables are grown throughout the country. The innovations of the business however are in the following forms:



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Organic Produce

Brand Distributors WhatsApp group:

This is the official platform for Town & Country Organic Produce. You are on this platform because you are intrested in being a Distributor of this brand.

Registration Requirements

  1. Name of Organization
  2. Company Registration Documents
  3. Location of Butcheries
  4. Equipment in the Butcheries should including - Butcheries Display fridges, Display Freezers, Coldroom or Blast Freezer.
  5. 24 Hour Security
  6. Standby Genset
  7. Should have Professional Personnel who should sell our products
  8. Bank Statements for three months.
  1. Member of SSAFO
  2. Company Registration papers
  3. List of Reputable companies the organization should supply.
  4. Should have all orders in SSAFO.
  5. We shall send you our procurement list and selling list the disparity between the two is your profit margin.

Poultry   Beef   Goat   Lamb   Pork   Grain

Marketing Agencies companies that distribute stocks all they need is to provide security for Consignment Stock of upto 3 Months Allocation on a sliding scale based on Sales Turnover. In plain English your consignment Stock (Stock you collect without paying) this method is best even for Butcheries and Meat Shops that were affected by Covid


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