Sub-Sahara African Farmers Organization (SSAFO) is an innovative charity that reduces poverty by unleashing Sub-Sahara African farmers’ abilities to grow their incomes in an environmentally sustainable way

We empower poor remote rural communities with agricultural programs which are centered on securing food for the community creating a nutritionally balanced diet and income generating horticultural business ventures which have a short season maturity period to quickly start generating a steady and sustainable revenue stream for the small scale peasant farmers.

There will never be a venture that deserves gratitude than this pro-poor initiative that comes to offset the misery of many a family in dire need without knowing how to get out of the torments of malnutrition (less food), opportunist diseases and the scarcity of a helping hand.

This is the helping hand sent by God for the less privileged as they are watered with agricultural knowledge, through training, empowerment through agricultural implements, ruminant restocking the Cattle and Goat Restocking Schemes and many more projected methods which are lined up to lift the living standards of mankind.

There will never be a better deed than to preserve life through this honourable and ambitious life serving agricultural initiative.

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Eng. Munyaradzi Cedric Muronda

Founder and Chairman of SSAF Group incorporating SUB-SAHARA AFRICAN FARMERS ORGANIZATION (SSAFO) , SUB-SAHARA AFRICAN FARMERS TOWN & COUNTRY ORGANIC FARM PRODUCTS trading as Town & Country Butcheries and Town & Country Chickens (Outlets).

Eng Muronda is a visionary entrepreneur who has worked in infrastructure development for more than 20 years. He is a holder of Msc Mining and Water Engineering post graduate degree and has undergraduate degree in Structural and Water Engineering and post graduate qualifications in Project Management

"We are a Zambian Not for Profit Company Limited by guarantee that Aids Governments, Farmers and other Players in Agriculture in the Sub Saharan Region to Contribute towards the creation of Sustainable Economies within the region"

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