SUB-SAHARA AFRICAN FARMERS ORGANIZATION (SSAFO) is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) registered at PACRA as a Company Limited by Guarantee under the Companies Act (Regulation 46) with registration number 120190009112 founded with a sole purpose to uplift lives of those in remote rural areas.

We focus on changing lives of the downtrodden rural communities who live below the World and National Poverty Datum Line communities of people earning less than US$10 per annum. Our programs are aimed to make the Unbankable – Bankable, the financially unaccept able to becoming the most sought after entrepreneur.

We aim to see underdeveloped communities well developed with functional industries supported by agriculture. Our Motto…..Creating Sustainable Economies Through Agricultur…e .is the slogan that shall put investment in remote communities. Rural employment creation, promoting Urban to Rural Migration decongesting Cities lowering poverty driven crimes such as Ritualistic Killings and Gassing.

Our organization is founded following government initiatives such as the famous Seven National Development Plan (7NDP) which also has Agriculture as one of the Seven (7) National Development Plans. The Role of SUB- SAHARA AFRICAN FARMERS ORGANIZATION (SSAFO) NGO is to as an compliment all government agricultural initiatives.

We are writing to your esteemed organization proposing a partnership in all the sixteen (16) Districts in whichever way you see possible as we have been allocated land for farming fields, Production and Processing Plants, Warehousing, Distribution and Social amenities. We are privileged to share the same vision to develop rural communities and turning them into economic hubs through agriculture. We are writing proposing a partnership which shall complement our agricultural activities to the benefit of the Zambian and regional downstream benefit. We have plans to set up Country Estates that shall have Agricultural Centres, Packaging and Processing Zones for value addition. We are developing 5000 Hectares of land in each of the Sixteen (16) Districts for setting up farming field, Grazing Paddocks, Grain Silos, Airstrip, value addition, Abattoirs and Meat Processing factories and Administration offices. We are also developing 1000 hectares of land for Staff residence, Shopping Centres, Hospital, Schools and Agricultural Science College, Police Station, schools, Agricultural Colleges, Country Club and Game Ranch.

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Eng. Munyaradzi Cedric Muronda

" We are a Zambian Not for Profit Company Limited by guarantee that Aids Governments, Farmers and other Players in Agriculture in the Sub Saharan Region to Contribute towards the creation of Sustainable Economies within the region "

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