The cry of Africa is to find external help in the midst of plenty. Question - ‘ If Civilisation started is Africa, why is Africa a collection of third (3rd) world countries?

Transformational leadership is required to awaken the sleeping giant.

Sub-Sahara Africa is the richest part of the African continent and the most endowed with the best ever Raw materials contributing to 80% of the world’s demand but we have ended up as a receiving and dumping ground because there are few Africans who have purposed themselves to see Africa vibrating with wealth through their own Pan-African initiatives and innovations.

The vision and mission’s set targets and goals that should to be supported and encouraged because;

  • The vision will bring a paradigm shift in peoples wealth creation strategies the customary approach to self-sustaining objectives
  • There will be Poverty Reduction in the medium to long term.
  • Rain dependence syndrome will change to 365 Day Farming Initiatives [365 DFI] and All Season Farming Programs [ASFP].
  • Subsistence farming shall graduate and progress into numerous small scale businesses which shall eventually turn into commercial farming.
  • Roadside sales shall turn into markets as there shall be plenty farm produce enough to service and grow the economy.
  • As the programs and initiatives mature to self-regulating body, incorporating all the Sub-Saharan African countries shall be self- reliant in food security and our economies shall be sound.
  • Agriculture is the heart beat of Sub-Sahara Africa. It is the missing link in the life line of mankind.

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Eng. Munyaradzi Cedric Muronda

" We are a Zambian Not for Profit Company Limited by guarantee that Aids Governments, Farmers and other Players in Agriculture in the Sub Saharan Region to Contribute towards the creation of Sustainable Economies within the region "

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