Agronomic Consultancy Services

Service description

SSAFO strives to find innovative solutions for our growers/clients by offering new information, knowledge, technologies, products and experience necessary to obtain the best results that will meet international standards in their agricultural projects/exploitations on a short term basis. As the rest of the services we offer, this service analyzes the needs of our clients/growers and adapts to the conditions of the project and the established objectives.

Levels of service

Based on our previous experience, we have designed different standard service levels, which are offered depending on the needs that our clients transmit to us. We can differentiate between the following levels of service:

  • Level 1: Punctual Consultations.
    This service is focused on enhancing and/or improving a specific aspect or section of the production. The client is in contact with our agronomic team to, through emails, telephone and other online platforms, be able to make inquiries about the crop variety to be planted, agricultural technology, etc. The type of a farmer of this service is a farmer that already has a production team with previous experience and that seeks to enhance their production and get a higher performance.
  • Level 2: Remote consultations and specific visits to the project/exploitation.
    This service includes what is described in level 1 plus the realization of punctual visits to the project / exploitation when necessary.
  • Level 3: Production Management.
    It is the most complete Agronomic Consulting Service and involves the appointment of one of our agronomists of the project/exploitation. The Project Management can be done semi-remotely or on-site, depending on the needs of the project in question. This service includes the following tasks, services and functions:
    • Review of the project and the incorporated equipment.
    • Design, planning and definition of the productive strategy.
    • Definition of varieties to be cultivated (if not already established).
    • Definition of the production team (jobs, tasks to be performed, etc.).
    • Continuous training of the production team.
    • Planning and strategy of the seedbed (if any).
    • Start-up of production facilities.
    • Monitoring of the production and monitoring of the crop.
    • Management of the facilities and equipment available.
    • Advice for increasing efficiency in the use of equipment and facilities.
    • Advice for reduction of costs and optimization of resources.

Services and rate charges

Before getting into any service agreement, all farmers are subjected to a membership fee: k100 per one cycle of crop production.

The charges of services differed are based on the kind of service as described in the table below:

1. Soil testing analysis K500
2. Selection of early maturing crop and its growing methods K500
3. Installation of drip irrigation system K3,000 per hectare
4. Construction of green houses and net houses K10,000 per green house
5. Disease and pest diagnosis K500 per green house
6. Management and application of organic fertilizer K5,000
7. Soil solarization K2,000
8. Production of horticultural crops using hydroponic system K2,000 per hectare
9. Total management protocols K5,000 per hectare
10. The production of horticultural crops in plasticulture K2,000
11. The production of horticultural seedlings K500
12. Provision of seedlings K3,000 per hectare
Our President


Eng. Munyaradzi Cedric Muronda

Founder and Chairman of SSAF Group incorporating SUB-SAHARA AFRICAN FARMERS ORGANIZATION (SSAFO) , SUB-SAHARA AFRICAN FARMERS TOWN & COUNTRY ORGANIC FARM PRODUCTS trading as Town & Country Butcheries and Town & Country Chickens (Outlets).

Eng Muronda is a visionary entrepreneur who has worked in infrastructure development for more than 20 years. He is a holder of Msc Mining and Water Engineering post graduate degree and has undergraduate degree in Structural and Water Engineering and post graduate qualifications in Project Management

"We are a Zambian Not for Profit Company Limited by guarantee that Aids Governments, Farmers and other Players in Agriculture in the Sub Saharan Region to Contribute towards the creation of Sustainable Economies within the region"

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