Crop Production Services

Services and rate charges

1. Agronomic Consultancy K500
2. Soil Analysis (Non-members) K500
3. Soil Analysis (Members) K250
4. Membership Fees K100
5 Annual Subscription Fees
A. Small Scale Farmers K500
B. Medium Scale Farmers K1,500
A. Commercial Farmers K2,500
6. Grains and Cereals K100
7. Sage and Chia seed K250
8. Tobacco,Sorghum,millet,Barley K200
9. Soya beans K250
10. Fruits and Vegetable K150
11. Indian herbs and Spices K150
12. Moringa growing K150
13. Construction of greenhouse and net house structures K10,000 per hectare
14. Installation of drip irrigation system K3,000 per hectare
15. Disease and pest diagnosis K500
16. Management and application of organic fertilizers K500 per hectare
17. Soil Solarisation K2,000
18. Production of horticultural crops through hydroponics system K2,000 per hectare
19. Production of horticultural crops through plasticulture system K2,000 per hectare
20. Production of horticultural seedlings K3,000
Our President


Eng. Munyaradzi Cedric Muronda

Founder and Chairman of SSAF Group incorporating SUB-SAHARA AFRICAN FARMERS ORGANIZATION (SSAFO) , SUB-SAHARA AFRICAN FARMERS TOWN & COUNTRY ORGANIC FARM PRODUCTS trading as Town & Country Butcheries and Town & Country Chickens (Outlets).

Eng Muronda is a visionary entrepreneur who has worked in infrastructure development for more than 20 years. He is a holder of Msc Mining and Water Engineering post graduate degree and has undergraduate degree in Structural and Water Engineering and post graduate qualifications in Project Management

"We are a Zambian Not for Profit Company Limited by guarantee that Aids Governments, Farmers and other Players in Agriculture in the Sub Saharan Region to Contribute towards the creation of Sustainable Economies within the region"

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